"The town of Wetmore, situated upon the Central Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad, is located in the extreme eastern portion of the county, about four miles from its southern line. Its name was given it in honor of Hon. W. T. Wetmore, Vice-President of the road. Early in 1866, surveys having been completed from Atchison to Centralia, the Central Branch platted one hundred and sixty acres of land, and almost immediately erected a section house, and soon after, a depot building, upon the completion of the road between the points named; in the autumn of the same year, a hotel was built by A. Simpson, the condition being that he was to be favored by two trains daily, stopping for dinner."
(Quoted from William G. Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas" first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, Illinois.)

This is the west end of the Missouri Pacific railyard in Wetmore in the early 1900's.
The elevator, depot and water tower are visible with the town of Wetmore to the North side of the tracks.

This is east end of the Missouri pacific railyard in Wetmore.

A photo of an early train at the water tower in the Missouri Pacific railyard in Wetmore.

This is an early 1900's photo of the Wetmore Depot.

This photo was taken in the late 1940's of the Wetmore Depot.

Early 1900's photo of the A. D. Persson Elevator located down by the railroad tracks.

The Grace Mission Episcopal Church in 1910.
The building stood at the northeast corner of 6th and Kansas Street across from the school.

This is the Wetmore Methodist Church as first built in 1881.

This is how the Wetmore Methodist Church appeared in 1909.

This is the corner where the Wetmore Methodist Church sits today.

This is main street, the corner of 2nd and Kansas Streets looking west around 1910.
The sign over the sidewalk on the left reads, "Crystal Palace Cafe."

Another look at the same corner as above, 2nd Street (Wetmore's main street), around 1910.

This is a photo of automobiles in downtown Wetmore around 1912.

This is the same intersection taken in 1913.

Although there were automobiles, horses were still the standard mode of transportation in 1914.
This horse and wagon photo taken in front of the former Fitzgerald Drug store on main street.

This is downtown Wetmore after the 1915 fire. Workers are seen rebuilding the bank. That rebuilt building is now the Wetmore City Hall.

Photo of Martha Spiker and her mother on main street. Building to left is Fitzgerald Drug Store.

The Wetmore Band in 1916.

Scene of a flood in Mineral Springs Park on June 7, 1908.
(Flooding of Spring Creek along railroad tracks south of Kansas Highway 9)

The Wetmore basketball team 1908.
Pictured are Howard S., Lee Geyer, Sam Thornburrow., George Zabel, and Charley Bush.

These are some of Wetmore's athletes around 1915.
Pictured are Harry Bell, Harry Geyer, John Pfrang, and Dutch Roderick

This is a football game being played at Wetmore school in 1947.

This is the Wetmore School as it appeared in 1960.

Another photo from the early 1960's.

The east side of the school during the 1960's and earlier was the playground. This is now where the gymnasium is located.

Wetmore School in 2006.

This is the Wetmore School today.

Wetmore's first truck owned by Fred Johnson.
Ida, Doris, and Ione Mell are sitting in the truck.

Wetmore football team around 1915.

Wetmore football team playing.
(South of Kansas Highway 9)

Wetmore High School football team.

These are Wetmore's veterans of World War I posing in front of a home.
(House is at the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Section Line Road)
The home is still there serving as a residence.

First National Bank of Wetmore, dentist office, Rolfe & Purdum Store, etc taken while snowing in January 1915.
The building became the hardware store and was lost to a fire. The site now has the Dinner Bell Cafe.

Grubb and Hart Store. The sign at the top of the building: "Grubb & Hart, Sellers of Good Things, To Eat and Wear"
In the photo are George Hart, Raymond Isaacson, Fred Smith, Sallie Searles (store clerk), Fannie Thornburrow (milliner, sold ladies hats)

Photo of the Rex Theater in the 1940's.

This is a late 1940's photo of the Texaco service station and McDaniel Motors Chrysler/Plymouth dealership on main street.

The Texaco service station and McDaniel Motors Chrysler/Plymouth dealership as they are today.
The Chrysler/Plymouth dealership houses antique cars and the Texaco station displays vintage service station items.

The hardware store in a late 1940's photo.
Pictured are Eula (Bixby) Oxendale, Wayne Zabel, and Charlie Zabel.
(The building burned down in 1984 and a new restaurant is being constructed on the site at the northwest corner of 2nd and Kansas Streets.)

An early 1960's photo of The Wetmore Lumber Company in downtown Wetmore on the corner of Second and Iowa Streets.

The Wetmore Spectator newspaper building. This building was located near the present day Wetmore National Bank.

The Wetmore bowling alley and the Southside Tavern in the early 1960's.
The bowling alley closed and the building is now part of the Goff - Wetmore Medical Clinic.
The Southside Tavern was destroyed in the 1984 tornado along with the American Legion building.
They were rebuilt and the American Legion building now occupies both lots.

An early photo of the Stowell family around 1900.
Pictured are John Jr., George (back row); Laura, Pearl, Jane (middle row); Edith, Walter (front row)

This is the Wetmore High School class of 1912.
They are sitting on the steps of the old school. The current school was built in 1928 at the same site.
Pictured are Lewis Nance, Evan Roderick, Victor Messange, Fritz Achten, Forman DeForest, Lorena Mell, Harry Geyer, Eva Gibbons, Hazel Means, Marsena Lapham, Ethel Geyer, Elsie Wright, and Millie Liebig.

This is a photo of Wetmore resident Clyde Thornburrow.

These are grade school students sitting on the steps of the old Wetmore school.

This is a photo of a house taken May 30, 1931.
The people are Margaret Thornburrow, and the Pfrang family: Ida, John Alice, Margaret Ann, Bob and Max.
The house is located on Kansas Street between 2nd and 3rd streets.
The home is still there serving as a residence.

This is a football athletic photo of John Pfrang around 1915.

The Wetmore Ladies Home Demonstration Unit. A women's group for sharing recipies, sewing, etc.
Photo taken around 1940 in front of the current home of Mr. Dick Ekert.
In the photo are: (1st row) Ina Wittenbaugh, Geneva Shumaker, Mrs. Lawson, Elvira Shumaker, Theta Bixby, Bernadine Huerter, Erma Cordon
(2nd row) Vendla Elliott, Mrs. Marvin Johnson, Mabel Ham, Olive Ebelmetzer, Gladys Brown, Mrs. Driscoll, Mrs. Robert Elliott, Mrs. Ash, Myrtle Clowe, Betty Zimmerman, Ione Hart, Margaret Talley, Mrs. Deboard

This is John Thornburrow's house.
In later years it was expanded and became "Whiteway Rest Home."
It is a residence once again and is located at 527 Kansas Street.

This is a photo of Wetmore resident Elizabeth Thornburrow.
She was a longtime resident of the John Thornburrow house and remained there during the years of the Whiteway Rest Home.

This is Elizabeth Thornburrow's 100th birthday party at the Whiteway Rest Home taken November 8, 1966.

This photo was taken in downtown Wetmore in the late 1940's.
The building in the background on the far right is currently Rilinger's Rustic Saloon Bar and Grill.
Pictured are Lendell White, Ashford Bottinburg, Bob Pfrang, and John Ely.

This is the Robert Thornburrow residence on the northwest corner of 6th and Kansas Streets.

This is a later photo of Robert Thonburrow's residence taken in 1910.
The home is still there serving as a residence.

These are students at the old Wetmore School in 1904.

These are students at the old Wetmore High School in 1908.
Pictured are teachers Joseph Knott, Hulda Ise and students Anne DeForest, Ruby Shumaker, Flora Isaacson, Mary Thornburrow, Myra Hostetler,
Clara Liebig, Jean Biggs, Zelpha Cole, Edna Worthy, Ruth Millard, Mary Sellers, Gertrude Maxwell, May Bush, Mildred Martin, Fay Nieman,
Iva Moyer, Tessie Haigh, Alice Thornburrow, Clarence Elliott, Lloyd Neece, Henry Haugh, Tom DeForest, Frank Hazeltine, Sam Thornburrow,
Max Adamson, Lee Geyer, Charley Bush, George Zabel, Floyd Loveless, Harry Cawood, Sidney Woodman, Grace Bradford, Mary Lynch, Delia Drun,
Lena Murray, and Stella Wolfe.

This is one of the Thornburrow families of Wetmore.
Pictured are Robert Thornburrow, Mary Scott, Elizabeth Thornburrow and Jennie Scott.

This is a photo of Robert Thornburrow of Wetmore.

This is a humorous photo of a mock wedding taken May 20, 1912.
Pictured are Mildred Martin, Nora Garvin, Alice Thornburrow, Clara Liebig, Lillian Burr, and Helen Crandall.

This is a photo of a chemistry class at Wetmore High School.
Pictured are Victor Messange, Alice Thornburrow, Robert Moyer, Hazel Means and Professor Neff.

This is a humorous photo of a chemistry class.
Pictured are John Pfrang, Victor Messange, Alice Thornburrow, Evan Roderick, Robert Moyer, Hazel Means and lying on the table is Lewis Nance.

These are a series of photos taken after downtown Wetmore was hit by a tornado in June 1984.

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