Cluster crabs are radio operators whose operating skills revolve around DX spotting clusters. Some of these operators have their clusters on every moment of the day and even have their computers set to sound an alarm in case a "new one" is spotted. Some of these crabs love self spotting, whining, and exhibit laziness in asking repetitive and ridiculous questions. (Count the number of times during a DXpedition that a lazy crab will post "Who is the manager? and "Does he have online logs?") DX clusters resemble the people who post on them....and those are the same people you hear in the pileup. So the cluster has it's share of Lids, asses, and troublemakers along with the gentlemen.

When food is spotted by a crab it scurries over and tries to devour it before another crab comes along. Quickly other crabs scurry over and try to take it away. Before long every crab that can will be over to fight each other and pick the bones clean. So it can be with Cluster Crabs. As soon as something is spotted on the DX cluster they all scurry in mass to that frequency and start competing with each other to get the QSO and pick that DX station clean.

Is there anything wrong with being a cluster crab? Nope, clearly I am one. There are the occasional cluster crabs who use the DX cluster as a tool. They find new DX and spot it for others as often as they use the spots of other cluster crabs. Many cluster crabs seldom call CQ or search the bands for someone calling CQ. They never have a new post because they never find new DX. They like to post "Bingoooo!" and be the 30th person in 30 minutes to post the DX with "Worked" next to their call or "easy" and "BOOOMING signal" failing to mention they are using 1KW and an antenna that dwarfs the Arecibo, Puerto Rico SETI antenna.

This page is dedicated to the Best of the Best of the Best of the Cluster Crabs...The King Crab!

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